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Haberlea rhodopensis Virginalis

SKU: harhvi-E/8/23
Rosette forming perennial with deep green serrated foliage and white flowers on rigid stems.
Family: Gesneriaceae
Flower Colour: White
Flowering Season: Spring
Origin: Europe
Preferred Conditions: Moist, well drained soil
Preferred Aspect: Shade
Pot Size: 9 cm square
Additional Feature: Evergreen foliage
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Price: £8.50
Pure white flowers over fresh green foliage
Haberlea rhodopensis Virginalis
Product Details
A rosette forming evergreen perennial with deep green serrated leaves. The leaf is leathery and the surface is slightly haired with sunken veins. The whole rosette can reach up to 20 cms wide with age. Flowers are held on rigid but short stems which rise from the centre of the rosette. The colour is clean white with a tiny bit of yellow in the centre, multiple flowers per stem. A good plant for a wall in shady conditions.