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About us and opening times

Edrom nursery was founded around 1925 by Edith and Molly Logan Hume. Sales were from a single table placed by the roadside at the village of Edrom where passers by were invited to purchase. Edith and Molly Logan Hume were plant hunters, collecting new species etc. from China and the Himalayas amongst other places. Over the passing years the nursery gained a reputation for having some very unusual plants and the reputation has been maintained to the present day. Around approximately 1933 the nursery moved from Edrom where the climate, according to Edith & Molly, was a little warm. It re-settled 1 mile West of the village of Coldingham nearer the east coast, where it still lies today at approximately 600 feet.


In it's time the nursery has had four owners, Edith & Molly Logan Hume being the originators, the ownership then passing on to Alex Duguid their gardener who took the nursery to a wider audience. He maintained the high level of plant quality but also began exhibiting plants at flower shows particularly the Royal Horticultural Society's flower halls at Westminster in London. Here the nursery really gained a reputation for the unusual. The third owner was James Jermyn who continued the growth for approximately 20 years.


We hope to maintain the reputation of the nursery now and into the future, bringing a little modernity to the whole site. We have in the past won Gold Medals at the Chelsea Flower show along with numerous gold medals at other prestigious shows around the country.  
Our web site is our shop window to those who can not visit us at any of the many plant fairs we attend. We hope you enjoy the online experience that our web site offers to both old and new customers alike.
Website availability 24 hours per day 365 days per year.

Nursery site opening times:-
As of January 2019, Edrom Nursery no longer offers an on site retail outlet.
  Plant may still be purchased at the many fairs and AGS shows which we attend or via mail order though this website. Alternatively, pre ordered plants can be collected from the nursery site given advanced notice.

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