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Edrom Nursery's Weather

You can now have a look at the weather at Edrom Nursery by clicking on the weather link HERE.
The system we have in place updates the weather on the weatherlink.com website at approximately 60 second intervals and so a page refresh in your browser will give you the weather exactly as it is here at the nursery. Click on the summary tab on the page which pops up to see extra readings.
For weather enthusiasts you may want to know the following:-
The weather station is a professional Davis Vantage Pro II Plus with a second temperature station which we use to monitor one of our structures on the nursery. A wireless weather envoy and weatherlink IP help to feed the data from the ISS direct to the weatherlink website.
The ISS is at a height of 2 metres above a gently sloping ground with the anemometer mounted seperately at 5 metres above the ISS.
We're surrounded by trees on three sides with the northern aspect almost completely open. This does affect the wind readings but you still get a good idea what is happening. The tree shading affects the solar and UV readings in winter until around 11:30AM when the ISS is in clear view of the sun until around 3:30PM.
A heater made specially for the purpose is installed to melt snow and give more accurate readings for precipitation.