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Barnardia japonica WO 9034

SKU: bajap-E/7/23
Soft pink flowers above glossy grassy foliage in autumn.
Family: Asparagaceae
Flower Colour: Pink
Flowering Season: Autumn
Origin: Asia
Preferred Conditions: Moist, well drained soil
Preferred Aspect: Full sun or part shade
Pot Size: 8 cm square
Additional Feature: Mainly flowers
Price: £7.00
Nice mid pink flowers on erect stem.
Barnardia japonica WO 9034
Product Details

This is a very hardy bulb from Japan which grows leaves and flowers in the autumn but is unaffected by the cold. Once considered a Scilla and in the family scilloidae it has now been placed in Asparagaceae. The foliage is grassy and a rich glossy green in colour, emerging in September. The flowers are held on rigid but short stems and hold the flowers in a cluster at the top. Colour is a soft pink and they last for several weeks each.

Young bulbs at this time.