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Flower Colour: Cream
Price: £3.00
A vigorous ground covering perennial forming dense mats of foliage which even suppresses weeds. Pale creamy button flowers.
Price: £3.00
Easy perennial with evergreen foliage and creamy white flowers in summer.
Price: £3.50
Creamy white flowers on rigid stems above sage green foliage.
Price: £5.00
White and cream flowers on this compact form which is near evergreen.
Price: £5.00
Creamy coloured flowers and lanceolate glossy leaves throughout the year.
Price: £6.50
Greenish white berries and creamy-white nodding flowers on a compact shrubby plant.
Price: £27.00
List Price: £45.00
You Save: £18.00 (40%)
A multipetalled form with green, cream and pinkish flowers.