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Flower Colour: Red
One of the largest of the pedicel trilliums. Large in stature and in flower which is a deep red colour.
An eyecatching herbaceous plant with mottled leaves and large deep red flowers.
Deep red petals on this long-lived flower species.
Deep red flowers over mottled green and brown foliage.
Price: £7.00
A super species with usual deep green foliage and rich red flowers in spring.
Price: £7.00
A robust species with attractive marbled foliage and red to orange sessile flowers in spring.
Price: £7.50
A rarely offered species with reddish sessile flowers and marbled foliage. Tolerates normal soils.
Price: £7.50
A seldom seen species with mild mottling and flowers of a deep reddish colour, the petals twisted.
Price: £8.00
An unusual species with leaflets having petioles and flower sepals recurving strongly downwards.
Price: £8.00
A large species reaching up to 45 cms and occasionally to 60 cms with deep red flowers.