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Preferred Aspect: Full sun
Price: £2.50
An evergreen perennial for adding height to a trough or rock garden.
Price: £3.00
An evergreen foliage plant which makes flattened growths of foliage for effect throughout the year.
Price: £2.50
The Widow Iris is easy to grow with near black flowers on rigid stems.
Price: £3.50
Easy bulbous plant with pale pink flowers.
Price: £3.50
Bright pink flowers and low mats of silvery-green ferny foliage.
Price: £2.50
White flowers over deepest green pinnatisect foliage.
Price: £3.00
Bright yellow flowers on short stems to maybe 15 cms high over linear greyish foliage.
Price: £3.00
List Price: £5.00
You Save: £2.00 (40%)
A strongly scented pure white flowered plant with limey-yellow evergreen foliage.
Price: £3.00
A very small Candytuft with strongly scented white flowers.
Price: £3.50
List Price: £4.50
You Save: £1.00 (22%)
A super dwarf Iris from China and Japan with slightly arching leaves and delicate lilac-purple flowers with white marks.
Price: £5.00
A dwarf species of Iris with arching pale green foliage and white flowers with yellow markings.
Price: £4.00
A rarely offered species with rich deep purple flowers.
Price: £4.00
A dwarf species from China with rich deep green leaves and purple flowers in early summer.
Price: £6.00
White flowers with strong yellow markings to the falls and rich green evergreen foliage.
Price: £3.50
List Price: £4.00
You Save: £0.50 (12%)
An evegreen conifer with good shape and small proportions for troughs etc.
Price: £2.50
List Price: £3.00
You Save: £0.50 (17%)
An alpine Edelweiss with wooly greenish-yellow flowers throughout spring and early summer.