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Flower Colour: Pink
Price: £8.00
An exceptional lily with narrow rigid stems carrying glossy deep green leaves and turkscap pink flowers.
Price: £14.00
A relatively dwarf species with soft pink flowers.
Price: £6.50
An eyecatching species with pale green glossy foliage and delicate white/pink flowers in early summer.
Price: £6.00
List Price: £7.00
You Save: £1.00 (14%)
A fabulous dusky pink hybrid of quintuplinervia and punicea.
Price: £4.50
List Price: £6.00
You Save: £1.50 (25%)
Pale pink single flowers over rich green foliage.
Price: £4.50
An unusual looking perennial from the Berberidaceae with mottled palmate foliage and pale pink cup shaped flowers.
Price: £4.00
Eyecatching herbaceous perennial from China with rigid stems carrying whorls of leaves and pinkish flowers.
Price: £5.00
Chinese woodland perennial with attractive foliage and pink-purple flowers.
Price: £5.00
A rarely offered species from Eastern China with pink flowers on stems to 24 inches high.
Price: £5.50
A lovely subspecies with deep pink-purple flowers over deep green foliage in early summer.
Price: £4.00
Deep pink dissected flowers and dissected palmate foliage on this species.
Price: £3.00
An unusual species with palmate scalloped foliage which is felty on the lower surface and strong cerise pink flowers.
Price: £3.50
Evergreen variegated foliage and coral-pink flowers make this an ideal subject for the shady border.
Price: £6.50
Similar flowers to R. alpina but a little taller perhaps.
Price: £11.50
Large palest pink and white flowers on this newly offered hybrid.
Price: £4.00
An easy species to grow with pink flowers. Suitable for a trough etc.
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