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A little grown and much enderrated species which grows and flowers a little later than some and has blush pink flowers.
A variation on the usual red form. These hybrids are generally creamy white with some pinks etc.
One of the largest of the pedicel trilliums. Large in stature and in flower which is a deep red colour.
An eyecatching herbaceous perennial for a shadier spot in the garden with electric blue flowers.
A rarely offered species with deep green leaves and creamy white flowers in early summer.
A stunning species with radiating foliage from a central stem and flower spathes of a brown & white colour.
A trifoliate plant with large deep green leaves and three-petalled white flowers in spring.
A good species for the beginner with attractive foliage and rich green sessile flowers.
An eyecatching herbaceous plant with mottled leaves and large deep red flowers.
Variable spotting on the petals of this very dwarf form.
Deep red petals on this long-lived flower species.
An easy to grow species with striking brown and white spathes.
A money saving selection of wood anemones from our range.
Deep red flowers over mottled green and brown foliage.
A rarely offered species with brown or green and white long lasting flowers.
A choice japanese perennial with white poppy-like flowers in spring.
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