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Origin: South America
Price: £3.00
Evergreen mat forming perennial with deep green glossy leaves and numerous yellow flowers.
Price: £3.50
Lightly haired leaves make tufts from which grow the flower stems carrying golden-yellow pouch-like flowers.
Price: £6.00
A hardy dwarf plant with glossy foliage and clean white flowers in early spring.
Price: £12.00
Impressive evergreen from Chile with perfectly formed rosettes having a red centre in autumn.
Price: £4.00
A low growing herbaceous perennial with glossy green foliage.
Price: £7.00
Creamy white flowers over rich green evergreen foliage.
Price: £6.00
A shrubby Gesneriad from Chile with fluorescent orange flowers in summer.
Price: £3.00
A reliable perennial with bluish leaves and slightly variable pink flowers.
Price: £3.00
A reliable perennial with bluish leaves and purplish-red flowers.
Price: £4.50
Nice blue flowers on stems which trail carrying rich green leaves.
Price: £3.00
Greyish green strap like foliage and bright yellow flowers.
Price: £9.00
List Price: £12.00
You Save: £3.00 (25%)
A clean glistening white flowered tuberous perennial from Mexico.