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A rarely offered cultivar from Japan with large glossy green leaves and crisp white flowers.
A little grown and much enderrated species which grows and flowers a little later than some and has blush pink flowers.
An eyecatching herbaceous perennial for a shadier spot in the garden with electric blue flowers.
A rarely offered species with deep green leaves and creamy white flowers in early summer.
A stunning species with radiating foliage from a central stem and flower spathes of a brown & white colour.
A good species for the beginner with attractive foliage and rich green sessile flowers.
A trifoliate plant with large deep green leaves and three-petalled white flowers in spring.
Deep red petals on this long-lived flower species.
An easy to grow species with striking brown and white spathes.
A choice japanese perennial with white poppy-like flowers in spring.
Price: £3.00
A wild collected form of R. alpina which should flower purplish-pink but may differ slightly, maybe with a better flower colour.
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An easy perennial with glossy deep green foliage and clean white flowers.
Price: £3.00
List Price: £4.50
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Lilac-purple-blue flowers in abundance on this easy to grow species.
Price: £3.00
Large yellowish-green flowerheads turn bronzy in autumn.
Price: £3.00
Various shades of orange flowers in early spring over soft green foliage.
Price: £3.50
A strong growing primrose with deep red flowers in early spring.
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