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Flower Colour: lavender
Price: £3.00
A vegetatively propagated seedling which arose here on the nursery. Reddish lilac flowers in summer.
Price: £4.00
Easy semi-woodland perennial with haired foliage and palest lavender-blue flowers in summer.
Price: £8.00
A hybrid with pale lavender flowers with orange/yellow markings to the lip.
Price: £10.00
A Hybrid with pale lavender-pink flowers with strong pink/red markings to the lip.
A species with pale lavender flowers and orange markings on a lavender lip.
Price: £6.00
A rarely offered herbaceous perennial with mauve lilac flowers in early spring.
Price: £4.00
Lavender purple flowers over evergreen foliage on a very much dwarf plant.
Price: £3.50
Easy 'Mexican Wandering Jew' with lavender flowers and purple spotted, silvery foliage.
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