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Origin: Asia
Price: £6.00
Bright red fruits and white nodding flowers on a compact shrubby plant.
Price: £3.00
A lovely dwarf form making low mats of growth to cover walls etc.
Price: £6.50
List Price: £8.00
You Save: £1.50 (19%)
A reliable species with pale green leaves and strongly scented creamy flowers.
Price: £5.00
Deep green evergreen foliage and a neat habit on this Daphne.
Price: £3.00
List Price: £4.00
You Save: £1.00 (25%)
An evergreen dwarf shrub for giving winter colour to the rock garden with glossy deep green foliage.
Price: £7.50
A small Hydrangea with rounded deep green leaves with a red underside and creamy-white flowers.
Price: £4.00
A dwarf species with bright yellow flowers.
Price: £4.00
Scented yellow flowers and attractive tiny green glossy rounded leaves.
Price: £5.50
A little known evergreen shrub from Vietnam with violet fruits in late summer.
Price: £3.00
Mat forming evergreen perennial with soft pink flowers.
Price: £3.50
List Price: £4.00
You Save: £0.50 (12%)
A rarely offered species with an almost prostrate habit. Deep green leaves with deep purple flowers and red spotting.
Price: £4.00
A dwarf low growing evergreen with white flowers and glistening red fruits.
Price: £6.50
Greenish white berries and creamy-white nodding flowers on a compact shrubby plant.