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Size: 17.5 cms to 30 cms high
Price: £3.50
An unusual perennial much like a Primula with scalloped leaves and purplish flowers.
Price: £5.00
List Price: £6.00
You Save: £1.00 (17%)
Smaller species with attractive heavily scented flowers in early summer.
Price: £4.00
List Price: £4.50
You Save: £0.50 (11%)
A smaller species with rounded foliage and rosy-purple flowers.
Price: £6.50
A strong pink flowered form with soft felty leaves.
Price: £4.00
A newly offered cultivar with bright sulphur-yellow flowers and a stronger yellow eye.
Price: £3.00
An reliable grower with us with typical linear foliage. Purple to pink flowers.
Price: £3.00
An unusual species with palmate scalloped foliage which is felty on the lower surface and strong cerise pink flowers.