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Wyethia amplexicaulis

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Big yellow sunflower-like flowers and long greyish green leaves in summer.
Family: Asteraceae
Flower Colour: Yellow
Flowering Season: Summer
Preferred Conditions: Well drained soil
Preferred Aspect: Full sun
Additional Feature: Foliage effect
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Wyethia amplexicaulis
Product Details
Mule's Ears.
A new plant for us in 2016 with lanceolate foliage reaching around 20 cms long or more. This is a greyish green colour and heldn in a relatively upright position which is where the common name comes from - they look like Mule's ears!
  The flower are like big yellow sunflowers held on stems at around 30 cms high. A very interesting plant which make solid clumps in the garden.

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