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Trillium flexipes

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An unusual species of Trillium in that it will grow quite happily on limestone soils. Large white outward facing flowers.
Family: Trilliaceae
Flower Colour: White
Flowering Season: Spring
Preferred Conditions: Moist, alkaline soil
Preferred Aspect: Shade
Pot Size (UK Only): 9 cm square
Additional Feature: Foliage effect
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An unusual Trillium in that it will tolerate limy soils quite well. The stems rise to a height of around 40 cms although they may be higher when the plant makes a tight clump. Usual trifoliate leaves and flower pedicels emerging from the centre of these. The flowers are crisp white, open faced and face outwards with a strong bend on the upper part of the pedicel. The anthers and ovary often have a pink tinge.