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Trillium chloropetalum giganteum

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An eyecatching herbaceous plant with mottled leaves and large deep red flowers.
Family: Trilliaceae
Flower Colour: Red
Flowering Season: Spring
Preferred Conditions: Moist, acid soil
Preferred Aspect: Partial Shade
Additional Feature: Foliage effect
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These plants have now become too large or delicate to pack easily. They will be available again though this website in the autumn.
Product Details
This is probably the most well known of the trilliums with its distinctive foliage and long lived flowers. Being one of the first to rise in spring, the foliage is apple green initially with strong deep brown/red mottling which lasts for many weeks until the foliage has fully expanded. The flowers are the main attraction here as always on trilliums. These are deep red and borne from the centre of each leaf, each petal can be up to 10 cms high on well grown plants and often even larger!