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Lilium lijiangense

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AN introduction by Edrom Nursery with yellow turkscap flowers.
Family: Liliaceae
Flower Colour: Yellow
Flowering Season: Summer
Origin: Asia
Preferred Conditions: Moist soils
Preferred Aspect: Partial Shade
Additional Feature: Glossy foliage
Price: £12.00
These have now grown too tall to pack safely. They will be available again in the autumn when they become dormant.
Product Details
Although these are flowering with us it may be that they will attain larger proportions with age. Shoots emerge in early spring and are deep green like typical lilies. The foliage is deepest green, glossy and rather leathery, quite broad and approximately 10 cms long or so. The stems are deep red-brown and on our plants at this size they arch over a little at flowering time, we don't know whether or not they will retain this habit as they get older. Flowers are bright lemon yellow with fine maroon spotting, turkscap. We have had 8 flowers on a plant but we feel that this will increase as the bulbs get larger.