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Liebnitzia nivea

SKU: liniv-E/5/22
Very easy to grow perennial with white flowers from pink buds and glossy foliage.
Family: Asteraceae
Flower Colour: White
Flowering Season: Spring
Origin: Asia
Preferred Conditions: Most soils
Preferred Aspect: Full sun
Pot Size: 9 cm square
Additional Feature: Foliage effect
Price: £4.50
Liebnitzia nivea
Product Details

This is a nice plant from Japan and other parts of Asia where it grows in rocky places in full sun or at the edge of wooded areas etc. Originally classified as a Gerbera, this is now Liebnitzia and we're finding it completely hardy. Being fully herbaceous, the foliage rises in spring and does actually look like a gerbera in that it is semi-glossy, relatively lanceolate with deep indents, all coming from a central point.

 Flowers are borne as multiples but singularly on stems to maybe 20 cms high but as the flower fades and the seeds develop, it will gain height to maybe 40 cms. Flowers are pure which emerging from a pinkish bud, typical Asteraceae in form.