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Gift Certificate

SKU: gice30
This is an electronic £30.00 gift certificate.
Price: £30.00
Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate
Product Details
A £30.00 gift certificate for use anywhere in our store.
  This is an electronic gift certificate which means no certificate is actually dispatched to you or the recipient, we hold it on our website for the recipient to redeem. During checkout you will get a gift certificate code which can be used by anyone who sees the code. Also during checkout you can supply an email address for the recipient who will be receiving the Gift Certificate. They will be able to come onto our store and place plants in the cart, during checkout they can enter the code in the Gift Certificate or Voucher Code box to redeem the certificate.
   The Certificate can be used multiple times until it is all spent, i.e. a £50 certificate could be used twice for £25 each time etc.
For simplicity, we would advise that only one certificate is purchased to the value required.
This will expire in 365 days, contact us if this happens for advice.