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Gaultheria cuneata

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An attractive small shrub with glossy foliage and white flowers followed by white berries.
Family: Ericaceae
Flower Colour: White
Flowering Season: Summer
Origin: Asia
Preferred Conditions: Moist, acid soil
Preferred Aspect: Partial Shade
Additional Feature: Glossy foliage
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Gaultheria cuneata
Gaultheria cuneata
Product Details
A tough reliable evergreen low growing ericaceous plant from China. Ideal in situations where the soil does not dry out through summer. Deep green leaves are around 1 cm long and a little less wide, slightly serrated and high degree of gloss sheen. Flowers are borne in mid summer and are white, bell-like and hang pendulously from the branches. The main attraction comes in late summer and autumn in the shape of clean white berries in clusters which persist into early winter.