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Eranthis cilicica

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A variation on E. hyemalis with more golden yellow flowers and reddish flower stems with bronzy young foliage.
Flower Colour: Yellow
Flowering Season: Spring
Origin: Europe
Preferred Conditions: Moist soils
Preferred Aspect: Partial Shade
Additional Feature: Foliage effect
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Eranthis cilicica
Eranthis cilicica
Product Details
A fine species of Eranthis differing in most parts from the popular E. hyemalis. This species has deep green finely cut foliage which tends to in a whorl just below the flower. As each flower stem rises from the soil the leaves and stem are strongly coloured coppery-red, the red on the lower part of the stem usually being retained until they become dormant in late spring. Flowers on this species are deeper golden-yellow and maybe a little more goblet shaped. Multiple tubers per pot.