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Delosperma Jewel of the Desert Peridot

SKU: dejedepe-S/6/20
An evergreen perennial with succulent leaves and bright yellow flowers.
Family: Aizoaceae
Flower Colour: Yellow
Flowering Season: Summer
Origin: South Africa
Preferred Conditions: Moist, well drained soil
Preferred Aspect: Full sun
Pot Size (UK Only): 9 cm square
Additional Feature: Evergreen foliage
Price: £3.50
Bright canary yellow flowers with a white eye.
Delosperma Jewel of the Desert Peridot
Product Details
A succulent leaved perennial with pale green leaves around 2 cms long. The plant makes a dense mat and will trail over troughs edges freely or walls etc. Flowers are daisy-like and bright yellow in colour with a white eye, each about 2cms wide. Vigorous, hardy, loved by butterflies, bright and cheerful!