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Deinanthe caerulea

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A herbaceous Hydrangea basically with deep blue-violet waxy flowers.
Flower Colour: Blue
Flowering Season: Summer
Origin: Asia
Preferred Conditions: Moist, well drained soil
Preferred Aspect: Partial Shade
Pot Size: 9 cm square
Additional Feature: Foliage effect
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Waxy blue-purple flowers and soft green foliage.
Deinanthe caerulea
Product Details
Relatively new into cultivation, these plants are closely related to Hydrangeas, indeed they are often referred to as Herbaceous Hydrangeas. From stout knobbly rhizomes emerge slender shoots which hold the deep green roughly textured, deeply veined serrated leaves. These can be up to 15 cms long on happy plants. In late summer the waxy rich purple-blue flowers are borne in loose clusters which may have the occasional sterile florets. A worthy addition to the woodland garden where the soil will not get too dry.