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Blechnum nipponicum

SKU: blnip-E/4/20
A fern with a typical appearance - like a ladder, which is deep green in colour.
Family: Blechnaceae
Flower Colour: Non Flowering
Flowering Season: Non flowering
Origin: Asia
Preferred Conditions: Moist, acid soil
Preferred Aspect: Shade
Pot Size (UK Only): 1 litre deep round
Additional Feature: Evergreen foliage
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fabulous ladder type fern growing from a central woody stem
Blechnum nipponicum
Product Details
A reliable, hardy evergreen species of fern which grows from a central stock which will in time, grow to around 30 cms or so in height. It produces sterile fronds which may reach up to 40 cms long and will be borne from the crown of the plant and held very much vertical. The colour is deep green and remains untouched by harsh winter conditions. The fertile fronds are very attractive, they are deep green in colour  but emerge with a bronze hue with the spores on the reverse side.