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Berlandiera lyrata

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A fine grey cut leaved perennial with attractive chocolate scented yellow flowers from spring to autumn.
Family: Asteraceae
Flower Colour: Yellow
Flowering Season: Summer
Preferred Conditions: Most soils
Preferred Aspect: Full sun
Additional Feature: Foliage effect
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Berlandiera lyrata
Product Details
This is a rarely offered herbaceous perennial from the US where it can be found growing along roadsides in poor dry soils where little else will survive. In mild climates it will stay evergreen and will even try to flower year round if warm enough.
 Foliage is deeply serrated and greyish in colour which is a good backdrop for the bright golden-yellow flowers. These are around 2cm wide with obvious daisy-like petals centred around a greenish core which persists long after the petals have fallen. Besides the very attractive appearance of the flower, it's scented and it's very similar to chocolate!

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