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Arisarum proboscideum

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Very eyecatching 'Mouse plants' with reddish-brown and white tubular flowers with a long 'tail' like growth.
Family: Araceae
Flower Colour: Brown
Flowering Season: Spring
Origin: Europe
Preferred Conditions: Moist soils
Preferred Aspect: Shade
Additional Feature: Foliage effect
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Arisarum proboscideum
Arisarum proboscideum
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These plants always attract attention when we display them at flower shows. Firstly the glossy green arrow-shaped leaves in dense clusters look unusual. Sitting just below the leaf canopy is the real interest. Tubular vertical spathes - 2 cms wide and 2 cms tall, white with reddish brown stripes on the lower half and reddish-brown on the upper half. The reddish-brown colour runs up the length of the filamentous tip which rises from the flower to around 15 cms high - enough to take it well above the foliage. Mouse plant