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Physochlaina orientalis

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Large lavender pink flowers of soft green foliage on a tuberous rooted perennial.
Family: Solanaceae
Flower Colour: lavender
Flowering Season: Spring
Origin: Europe
Preferred Conditions: Moist, well drained soil
Preferred Aspect: Full sun or part shade
Additional Feature: Foliage effect
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Physochlaina orientalis
Physochlaina orientalis
Product Details
A quite easy to grow perennial from the Caucasus and Turkey. Growing from a tuberous rootstock in early spring, the foliage is held on soft green stems to a height of around 40 cms high. Leaves are around 10 cms long and half as wide, occasionally with a greyish hue. Flowers borne in the stem tips and are quite large lavender pink and wide tubular in shape. Goes dormant in late summer.