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Fairs & Events for 2017

As from 2015 we no longer exhibit at any of the larger flower shows - Hampton Court, Chelsea, Harrogate spring flower show etc.  We do attend many of the Alpine Garden Society shows and Scottish Rock Garden Shows however.

We're pleased to announce that we will be attending a few more new plant hunters fairs as we did in 2016. The range of Plant Hunters Fairs and alpine garden society shows which we will be attending is listed below. Of course we can take plants for you, it will save you postage.

Simply click on any underlined title for more information. The Alpine garden society haven't updated their page yet but they will to show the new dates etc when they have a minute!

Alpine Garden Society show Pershore 25th February
No competition at this new show, just plants for sale from 6 nurseries
Alpine Garden Society show Harlow 4th March
Competition and plants for sale.

Competition and plants for sale.
Competition and plants for sale.

Competition and plants for sale.

Ness Botanic Gardens 26th March
Plant Hunters Fair

Back in our neighbouring county for the Competition and plants for sale.

Our first 2 day fair this year.

A fabulous venue with a small kitchen garden
A must visit venue, lots to see.

Another new venue for us this year.

Potterton's Nursery 28th May
A new trial for this year, organised by Rob Potterton but under the banner of Plant Hunters fair. At his nursery of course.

If it's warm you could always go for a swim!

A real plantsman's garden with lots to see.

A venue which is just growing and showing lots of potential.

An excellent venue and our second time here this year.

Back for our second visit this year.

A place to vist at any time of the year, our second visit again.

Fabulous formal and informal gardens.

We would have loved to be here for the first one in spring but we were somewhere else!

Our second outing to this venue this year - just in case you missed us the first time!

The autumn show at Loughborough with plants for sale.

Felley Priory plant fair 31st September
This is an independent fair but well worth a look, lots of nurseries to see and the gardens are fabulous.

Our second last show of the year before we hibernate!

Competition and plants for sale. Of course there is a nice garden to look around as well!

We are happy to receive orders, and take it to a show for you to collect during your visit - saving you postage. Simply email us a list or use the "Contact Us" link above. We can accept payment at the show via cheque or cash.