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Price: £4.00
An exceptional selection of the species which flowers sporadically throughout the summer months.
Price: £3.00
A variation on E. hyemalis with more golden yellow flowers and reddish flower stems with bronzy young foliage.
Price: £6.00
List Price: £7.00
You Save: £1.00 (14%)
Clean white flowers from soft green buds over lush green foliage.
Price: £4.00
A small herbaceous perennial with glossy green leaves and cup-shaped white flowers.
Price: £6.00
A rarely offered herbaceous perennial with mauve lilac flowers in early spring.
Price: £6.00
List Price: £9.00
You Save: £3.00 (33%)
Soft creamy white flowers and apple-green foliage on this super Japanese Saxifrage.