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Additional Feature: Foliage effect
An unusual species of Trillium in that it will grow quite happily on limestone soils. Large white outward facing flowers.
A large flowered white Trillium reaching 30 cms high or so. Spreads quickly in good soils.
One of the largest of the pedicel trilliums. Large in stature and in flower which is a deep red colour.
A smaller sessile type Trillium with strongly marked foliage and flowers of a green to yellow colour.
A dwarf amongst the genus reaching around 20 cms high with slender stems and white flowers ageing pink.
An unusual species with leaflets having petioles and flower sepals recurving strongly downwards.
An eyecatching herbaceous perennial for a shadier spot in the garden with electric blue flowers.
A rarely offered species with deep green leaves and creamy white flowers in early summer.
A trifoliate plant with large deep green leaves and three-petalled white flowers in spring.
A super species with usual deep green foliage and rich red flowers in spring.
A robust species with attractive marbled foliage and red to orange sessile flowers in spring.
A good species for the beginner with attractive foliage and rich green sessile flowers.
A choice japanese perennial with lilac/pink poppy-like flowers in spring.
Deep red petals on this long-lived flower species.
An unusual species with no petals but attractive tepals of a reddish colour.
A choice japanese perennial with white poppy-like flowers in spring.
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