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Helleborus thibetanus

SKU: hethi
Rarely offered species with blush pink flowers. More details...
Flower Colour: Pink
Flowering Season: Spring
Origin: Asia
Preferred Conditions: Moist, well drained soil
Preferred Aspect: Partial Shade
Additional Feature: Foliage effect
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Price: 10.00
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Helleborus thibetanus
Helleborus thibetanus
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Product Details
A slightly different member of the genus from tibet and Sichuan. Growth starts in early spring with the arrival of the flower stems, these are accompanied by the leaves although they don't unfurl until the flowers are fully open. Flower colour is soft pastel pink, each petal having a serrated edge and lasting for several weeks. As the flower ages it changes colour to a soft buff and again this lasts for several weeks. The lifetime of the flower is often 2 months or so. Foliage is mid green with a conspicuous bluish/grey sheen which dissapears with age. Foliage on this species is deciduous and the whole plant will die back for the summer months.

Edrom Nursery specialises in a range of plants which will grow in our climate here in South East Scotland, we try to grow plants which could be considered rare or unusual. Many of these are from China and Japan but we supply plants from all over the world. These include plants from the genera:- Cypripedium Calanthe Gentiana Meconopsis Lilium Pleione Daphne Adonis Allium Polygonatum Podophyllum Iris Oxalis Narcissus Mitella Picea Pulsatilla Ramonda Prunus Sempervivum Primula Trillium Rhodohypoxis Rhodohypoxis Salvia Salix Erythronium Erodium Helleborus Hepatica japonica Helianthemum Hylomecon Impatiens Leutkea Kirengeshoma Maianthemum Mazus Paeonia Omphalodes Penstemon Rhododendron Saxifraga Scutellaria Sebaea Teucrium Soldanella Veronica Ypsilandra Vancouveria Viola Athyrium Dryopteris Cardiocrinum Caltha Carex Codonopsis Convallaria amongst many others.
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